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Passameter are known also as adjustable snap gauges that are used for both measurements on rotationally symmetric components (e. g. shafts, axles, plines) and thickness measurements or other length measurements.
Replaces many fixed gauges due the integrated dial gage which permits rapid comparative indicating measurements. Calibration ajainst gage blocks is just a ''snap''!
Technical data
  • Graduation: 1 µm / 2 µm
  • Scale division size: ≈ 0,8 mm
  • Indication range: ± 70 µm / ± 140 µm
  • Constant measuring force: 5-10 N
  • Retraction range: ≈ 2,5 mm
  • Measuring surface diameter: 10 mm
  • Surface flateness: ≤ 0,3 µm
  • Parallelism of surfaces:  ≤ 1 µm

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